Arivai Virivu Sei – Pilot Run for the SUMMER CAMP!

Arivai Virivu Sei – Pilot Run for the SUMMER CAMP!

It was really a great day 😃😁.. lot to register… chemmenchery kids were rocking🙂🙂
This week’s session was with around 40 children and nearly 25 volunteers joined us.

The session started with providing ideas on Annual day function & information regarding *”Summer Camp”*.
*”Arivai Virivu Sei”*. Vounteers & children together had an enthusiastic practice session for Sunday’s Annual program, which included Public Speaking on inspiring personalities and great leaders, followed by Thirukkural Stories with the correlation of *Skit , Songs and Energetic Dance* performances from our children.

We, the Vounteers, invited all parents to the *Refresher* program to experience the joy in witnessing their kids performance. We also gave information regarding Summer Camp, encouraging to enroll their kids ASAP .

Please join us for the *Chemmenchery Academic Year REFRESHER*

*Children will showcase their talents.. please witness the amazing event 🙂*

*Nothing you do for the children is ever wasted*

*Date* 23.04.17
*Timing* : 4pm to 6 pm
*Location*: Creche 5, 57th Cross Street, Behind Corporation Park (opp to Bus Depot), Chemmenchery Housing Board,
Chemmenchery, OMR – Behind Sathyabama

poc: Arun +919750003553
Satish 9786326185


Educate 2 Empower – April 8th 2017

Educate 2 Empower – April 8th 2017

April 8th 2017 – Crèche 4 & crèche 5
Saturday evening 4 to 6.30 p.m

We had a good participation from both volunteers and kids this week. Around 40 kids and 25 volunteers joined us

The session started with a quick revision on the past one month english worksheets and exit tests for those who did not complete earlier.
Kids and volunteers were then grouped into teams & *Two games* were played to make the revisions of worksheets more interesting and encourage team spirit.

*’DICTIONARY’* – where teams were given words and awarded points based on the correctness of spelling and fastness in finding the meaning.

Another game ‘NAME, PLACE, ANOTHER, THING’ – where teams were given letters and asked to write words. While kids had a lot of fun as a team, they also learnt spelling, meanings of new words.

*அறிவை விரிவு செய்* – A Summer carnival to nurture their hidden talents in various activities like yoga, dance, music, arts, story Telling, sports etc..

To give a heads up and Kindle their interest on *அறிவை விரிவு செய்* program, kids from both the Crèches were brought together for a ’SPIN A YARN’ game, 9 teams in total, they were given a starting and ending scene of a story and they were asked to come up with a imaginary story and enact the same along with their team volunteers.

It was real fun and brought out their creativity. Session ended with teaser videos on typical summer camps to awaken their interests and eagerness

*April 9th 2017* Sunday morning 10.00 to 12.30

Thanks to #Rajesh #Ranjith #Ramji #Kiran and #Mohammed Meeran, they gave a one to one peer coaching to 7 of our kids from std 5 to 8 for their upcoming annual exams.

*Kudos to all the Volunteers who are on this journey of empowering this community contributing their efforts both online and offline

*If you would like to be a part of this journey of transforming a community
please contact : Arun – 9750003553 & Satish – 9786326185

Save The Smile – 8th & 9th April, 2017.

Save The Smile – 8th & 9th April, 2017.

8th April, Saturday

We had organised a Volunteers Training Program for parents and concerned individuals who committed themselves to work for Child Safety Education. We had a good turnout of Volunteers who have shown their keen interest to educate themselves to join our fight against Child Abuse. These Volunteers will be mapped with suitable and comfortable roles in our upcoming workshops and spread our mission at their own convenience.

9th April, Sunday

Based on the request from Ceebros, Valasaravakkam – We had organised a Parental Awareness Session on Child Sexual Abuse. We had an equal participation from both Parents and Volunteers. It was an interactive session with mutual learning for all of us. We will be conducting such parental sessions anywhere in Chennai followed with a Children’s Workshop. Please do invite us to conduct one in your gated community or workplace.

Observing the Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month, we had organised a Flashmob at Grandmall, Velachery at 7 pm in the evening. In order to sensitize the general public to know about Child Sexual Abuse, our mission SaveTheSmiles and how they can be a part of it, we had a Flashmob followed with mime performance enacting the scenario of how CSA would happen and how positively we can curb this herrondous crime. We had a great response among the audience especially kids were too proactive in responding to our signature campaign. We requested every onlookers to stand for child safety, pledge for their kids and given them a card with information portals available for CSA. Special thanks to Raack Academy of Dance, TCS Maitree Tapping Toes and Jonny & Team for their wonderful mime performance. Thanks to Aishwarya for coordinating this event throughout.

It was a great weekend for Mission SaveTheSmiles.

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