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100 Rupees Club

What is the change that you want to see?​

Is it the ​children​ ​from the ​Chemmenchery​ slum who ​are getting educated & empowered to transform their community, OR providing a safer & happier childhood to every child, free from sexual abuse OR sensitizing everyone on gender equality towards Safer & Gender Empowered Spaces OR providing a safe & active lifestyle during periods OR enabling the importance of taking care of one’s mental health OR providing a comprehensive knowledge on sexuality health education to address all these issues?

100 Rupees Club

We give you the opportunity to choose the change you want to see and be a part in creating that change.

The ​​​​100 Rupees club provides donors ​​with the unique opportunity to make a difference. For us it is not so much about the amount you donate, but the effectiveness of your donation and the “giving” you stand for.

Through just Rs 100 or multiples of 100 every month you will support ​AWARE’s initiative towards Safety & Gender Empowerment.

You can select and contribute ​(Rs.1200 one time or through a sustained monthly donation of Rs. 100).

To be a part of something larger, give a little at a time. Join the 100 RS. Club today!

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Hope 365 Rupees Program

Hope 365 is a comprehensive approach 365 days a year, equipping stakeholders to educate and empower children with the skills they need to feel safe, protected and empowered. Hope 365 is ideal for any spaces including our homes, schools, colleges, workplaces, communities, public places and online spaces. The skills taught through Hope 365 give children and adults of all ages a common language and expectation that can create safe & gender empowered spaces for everyone, everywhere.

📌 a one-stop prevention solution with access to nationally recognized child and adult-focused program modules;
📌 programs backed by experience, evidence and research;
📌 a commitment to ongoing research to ensure efficacy and consistency;
📌 and ongoing support and resources throughout implementation.

And we can’t do it without YOU!

Donate ₹365 today to fuel our fight for the year ahead. Together, we will create a future where every one has the right knowledge, skills and tools they need and the safe world they deserve.

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Donate online if you are an Indian national holding an account in an Indian bank.

Details for electronic transfer (current account):

Bank Name: HDFC Bank
​Account No: 50200028427321 ​
​​IFSC Code: HDFC0000260

To make donations via BHIM/ Gpay/ PhonePe / PayTM, transfer it to 8122241688