One of AWARE’s primary goals is to create awareness on many of the issues that plaque our society. we believe knowledge is power and as part of that we conduct work shops to share knowledge from experts to target audience so the information is spread among our fellow citizens. we conduct workshops on the following issues. please fell free to reach out to us if you want to conduct any of the below or related workshops in your locale / neighborhood.

EMPOWER- Self Defense

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We talk about empowering women, we share impacting and inspiring videos, articles on various topics related to gender equality, violence, etc. We all voiced out for #MeToo. When you do all this, what stops you from taking the next step – ACTION. Our EMPOWER workshop is conceptualized to equip the young girls & women of all ages basic self-defense techniques, equipping them to fight back both mentally & physically during untoward situations.

Knowing how to identify a suspicious situation and protecting yourself

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from it could be a life-saving tool in event of an attack, that’s why we at AWARE encourage women to dedicate a few hours to learn basic self-defense. We teach women and girls how to be better aware of their surroundings and go over basic moves that could help save their lives.
Self-defense course Upon request can also be organized privately or for a school/college/workplace/community with ample number of volunteers.

This workshop is intended to empower girls & women with very practical advice and teaching of easy to remember and highly effective physical self-defense skills. And it is geared to participants who have little or no knowledge of personal safety training or sporting prowess. Our workshop will cover:

* Teaching positive attitude and generating sustainable confidence and empowerment

* Building confidence in participants’ capabilities

* The importance of a mind shifts for effective self-defense

* Psychology of an aggressor or aggressors in a group

* Understanding the violent mind

* Dispelling the “stranger” myth; understanding who the real perpetrators are

* Improving the reflex actions to respond quickly

* Introduction to verbal diffusion skills

* The importance of de-escalation skills in an aggressive situation

* How to be an active and supportive bystander – mention about being supportive when a friend/family member/ member of public is assaulted

* “Victim” mentality and how to avoid it

* Identifying target areas

* Easy to remember and highly effective physical defense options

This is a very empowering session as participants will be able to apply their new knowledge in a safe but highly realistic scenario. Every participant will have the chance to practice all the techniques, often more than once.

Text EMPOWER to +9181222 41688 or email or to organize or participate in a workshop.

Safe Active Periods

Know Your Rights

As part of Aware’s legal awareness series – #KnowYourRights!!! we conduct work shops where we discuss our rights extend to our sexuality and reproductive health.

How many of us know that our rights extend to our sexuality and reproductive health?
SRHR, is also a part of human rights and gives us the access to information on sexual choices and healthy living. Come to know the laws existing to protect our SRHR and know what all needs to be there as part of our rights. Come to know the laws existing to protect our SRHR and know what all needs to be there as part of our rights.

Topics to be covered range from the validity of 2 finger test as part of reporting rape, sex education, surgical procedures and choices and information and access to SRHR.

Session will be curated by Advocates – Lalitha N and Swapna from Madras High Court

Survivor Series - For Mental Health

We invite you to join us at “Survivor Series”. Survivor Series is a series of support group meetings that bring together people from all walks of life who have undergone any form of harassment/violence/trauma/impediments to mental health.

This is a safe-space to share your personal stories with a discerning audience so that you may find the understanding and support you need as well as be the source of strength for someone else to stand up for themselves. We believe that SHARING IS HEALING. Come, let us set in motion a larger conversation around the issue of mental health, without fear of blame or prejudice. It is time to #EndTheStigma

Be with Us. Share your Survivor Stories. Play interactive games and activities. Engage in healing conversations.

If you have any queries related to this, kindly contact us:

Child Safety- Abuse Prevention

As part of mission #SaveTheSmiles, AWARE is conducting a volunteer training program for the willing equipping them to help prevent the horrendous crime of child sexual abuse (CSA). Trained Volunteers will be championing the movement of awareness & advocacy on our fight against CSA.

This workshop is for every concerned adult who feels deeply about child sexual abuse and might want to reach a place of empathy and preparedness about it. Our purpose is to offer a comprehensive understanding of the subject without inciting feelings of fear, anxiety or shame in participants.

Volunteers will be trained on understanding;

  1. The concept of vulnerability and factors that contribute to vulnerability, risk and child sexual abuse
  2. The context of child sexual abuse in India
  3. The different types of child sexual abuse and neglect
  4. The indicators and signs of child sexual abuse
  5. How to identify and intervene early when children and young people are vulnerable to child sexual abuse and neglect
  6. How to identify and respond to children and young people when abuse is suspected or disclosed
  7. How a Child Protection Policy can help
  8. The legal requirements regarding child protection and reporting child sexual abuse
  9. How to deal with our own feelings and responses when supporting children who have been abused
  10. Where to refer children, young people and families for support and help needed

This workshop will involve small and large group discussion, lecture and case studies. Teachers are also encouraged to share their ideas and experiences.

We also have a separate session with working parents in mind. The session aims to train parents & volunteers on:

* Understanding Child Sexual Abuse – What? How? Who?
* Child Sexual Abuse Myths
* How to identify abuse – Behavioral & Physical Signs
* How to handle an abused child
* Steps to be followed after child abuse