Words of our founder Sandhiyan – “December 16, 2012. A day many people will recall when a young women Jyoti Singh Pandey was brutally raped and fatally assaulted in south Delhi by 6 men, the Nirbhaya incident it was named. This and a series of gender-based crimes triggered me to understand how it perpetuates and influences all strata of life. As someone who was raised hearing the stories of Gender Based Violence(GBV) from my mother and sisters, I wanted to protect and facilitate women to protect themselves. The Nirbhaya incident has been a driving force towards it. I started a Facebook page AWARE – Awareness for Wo+Men to Advocate their Rights and Equality and started sharing articles, created online campaigns to create awareness on how women can fight back Gender Based Violence (GBV). The page was a huge hit and I started getting a lot more messages and responses to my posts. Following that, I along with some friends adopted a fisherman community in Chemmenchery and have been working with the children and women for three years now, and have been expanding our work and reach every year.”