Have you always wanted to find a way to give back to your community? Have recent events in the newspaper made you want to do something? Join us!
You can volunteer with us for a minimum of 2-3 hours every week, or for stand-alone events and other one-off volunteering opportunities that take place from time to time.

Register with us and we will get in touch with you through email/ text. We will provide further information about AWARE’s projects and you can choose from them, the causes for which you wish to volunteer and the location.

REGISTER NOW (Volunteer Registration)


We offer internships at Chennai for students of Social Work, Social Justice, Psychology and other related fields. Interns will be equipped with professional skills and provided with a certificate at the end of their internship. A minimum of 100 hours of commitment is required to be considered for the same. Apply now by emailing mail@aware.org.in. A brief email introduction about yourself and a copy of requirements from your educational institution (if any) will be sufficient for initial screening.


AWARE is a young non-profit and we are on the lookout for passionate people looking to invest their time in enabling change. Candidates should be willing to work flexible hours and on weekends.
Prior experience with volunteering/ non-profit/ educational/ youth organizations is desirable. Highly-skilled professionals such as web-developers, process experts, accountants etc. who do not have prior volunteer experience are also welcome. Please find open positions below.


Represent AWARE in your campus or workplace by promoting the cause of Safe Spaces among fellow students/peers, faculty/colleagues campus. What is a Safe Space?
Choose the most creative, inclusive and effective ways to champion the cause. Reach out to us and we can help you with our expertise and back-end support. Spread the word through posters, presentations, events, emails, social networking, and other ways to rally the audience in your campus. A certificate will be awarded at the end of the engagement. Email nmn@aware.org.in for more on this!