Mission 1,00,000 - Help Us Protect Million Children from Sexual Abuse & Violence

11/25/20231 min read

Save The Smiles is one of our signature programs that we have been running since 2016, educating and empowering 45,000 children, their parents, teachers and other stake holders. We work on creating comprehensive awareness on all forms of abuse, It's prevalence and prevention, through workshops and trainings. We also equip them with adequate knowledge about identifying and reporting an abuse - laws and services.

Directed primarily towards adults and to sensitize them, this program will be executed in educational, residential and organizational spaces thereby educating and equipping different stakeholders with the expertise to deal with issues pertaining to the safety of the children.

Having worked closely with all the beneficiaries and stakeholders in order to create a lasting impact, we have found that the causes we work for are need-of-the-hour societal issues but are long-existing issues needs to be addressed from the roots consistently rather than a one-time approach.

In continuous to our efforts, this 19th November 2023 - observing World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse, we propose a new mission 1,00,000 Smiles targeting to reach out to millions of children and their stakeholders by 19 November 2024.

Please do support us on this mission, by fueling our efforts and commitment to accomplish our goal.

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